Ozonated Water Helps a Central Kitchen Deliver Fresher and Safer Produce


A major central kitchen and food processing company in Taipei, Taiwan prepares ingredients and meals from central locations and delivers them to satellite kitchens. The ingredients get turned into meals for numerous restaurant clients around Taipei City. They focus on delivering food from a variety of cuisines including local Chinese, Taiwanese, hot pot, and even fine dining.


Before sending the ingredients to satellite kitchens, staff at the central kitchen need to clean and sanitize all produce and seafood, as this is prone to bacteria. They had previously been using watered-down chemical agents to soak produce and remove bacteria and pesticide residues — as well as extend the shelf life of the ingredients. But this was time-consuming, as it takes four hours to sanitize produce this way. Staff needed to soak produce overnight so it would be ready to serve the next day. Additionally, using chemical disinfectants is not safe for humans over time, as it leaves chemical residue on the food. The central kitchen was looking for a faster, more environmentally friendly, and safer way to disinfect food ingredients.


The central kitchen attached the Water Disinfection System (WDS) by BioSure to every sink in their kitchens to pour ozonated water from faucets. They use post-filtration water to generate ozonated water through the WDS electrolytic ozone generator, creating a sanitizing agent to remove bacteria from produce. Time savings are immense, as with ozonated water it just takes 30 seconds for the sanitation process to work, versus four hours with chemicals. It doesn’t leave any harmful chemical residues. There are also substantial cost savings in not needing to buy and store large vats of chemical agents, plus the cost savings in labor when staff mix chemical cleaning agents together — a process that is prone to human error. Now the disinfection of produce and seafood is faster, cheaper, and better, with their customers benefiting the most from ozonated water.


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