Dental Surgeon in Australia Uses Ozonated Water to Provide Better Treatment


Dr. Terry Rose is an experienced dental surgeon in Australia. Dr. Rose was concerned about the quality of the water used within the clinic, especially as it comes into contact with open wounds before, during, and after surgery.


Dr. Terry Rose knew the difficulty of controlling the water quality during the dental surgery, and the risk associated with using outside water sources on open wounds. He had been using chemical tablets to disinfect dental unit waterlines. However, he was concerned about chemical residue buildup in these narrow dental unit waterlines, which occurs as a result of chlorine not being properly flushed out of water lines. Dr. Rose was looking for a safe and effective solution that could be used as a non-chemical disinfectant to sanitize dental surgery rooms, including surfaces and dental unit waterlines. He found that the main problems with


After learning about the BioSure system from a reputable dental surgeon in Australia, Dr. Rose implemented the BioSure Compact Disinfection Unit (CDU). He uses the BioSure solution to ensure that the dental water line is free of biofilm and clear of chemical residue buildup. He also uses ozonated water from the system as part of his hygiene protocol to sanitize the room between surgical procedures, including wiping down surfaces and dental chairs. This helps to maintain a disinfected system without relying on the use of chemicals. Dr. Rose is pleased to have the option of controlling the water and solution used during dental surgery. The BioSure system is automated and requires no extra work to disinfect the dental units, as ozonated water is pumped directly into the waterlines. With a reduced risk of infection, Dr. Rose’s patients now receive superior care and peace of mind at the dental clinic.

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